Two Steps to Help Make Gardens Deer-Proof

Most gardeners choose to spend their time working the soil because they love nature. The fresh air, sunshine and the serenity of being outside make gardening a pleasant hobby. Most, however, do not love nature enough to want all their hard work to only go towards feeding wildlife. In many parts of the country, a deer fence is the only thing that will ensure some produce makes it to the dinner table. Here are some obvious signs of problem deer and how to keep them away.

Know the Signs

Despite their size, the gracefulness and speed of deer can mean the trespassers arrive and leave without notice. Common signs of a deer problem include plants stripped of leaves and leaves with jagged bite marks. If the damage is to the leaves higher up on plants and bushes it means that deer have probably found the garden. Look for tracks in soft soil or muddy patches in the lawn and areas of flattened grass or bushes where they enter the yard.

Choose Repellant Plants

Add some bushes or flowers that deer dislike to the outermost edge of the yard or garden. Deer dislike the texture of bushes with thorny, bristled or rough leaves. Deer also do not like the scent of marigolds or the taste of calendula and nasturtium. Use of these plants will deter many deer, but cannot stop the most determined creatures.

Install a Fence

An effective deer fence is one that is too tall to jump and durable enough to withstand any attempt to push through. Deer have amazing jumping abilities, so construct an 8-10-foot-tall fence to prevent unwanted visitors. Make certain the material used for the fence does not have openings large enough for skunks and raccoons to climb through. They could knock down or damage the fence and enable the deer to come in, not to mention the damage the pests cause in gardens as well.

Early identification of a deer problem avoids the loss of too many crops, but it also stops wildlife from coming into the yard before it becomes a routine. To learn more about how to purchase and install an effective barrier against deer visit for more information.

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