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Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy

There are several advantages solar energy offers compared to conventional energy sources like oil and coal. If you’re planning to invest in a home solar panel system to meet at least some of your power needs, here are five great reasons to go right ahead:

It’s not damaging to the environment.

If you are searching for methods to limit your carbon footprints, solar energy is the best one. In some states, you can even invest in other people’s roofs to multiply your solar energy production. This is, without a doubt, the best substitute for fossil fuels, being renewable (the sun is forever!

It decreases your electricity costs.

Among the most important benefits of using solar energy is that it helps you minimize your utility bills. You can do this with solar panels installed in your home. Solar energy can supply your electricity needs for different household activities and save you up to a maximum of 20% of your typical costs. And considering the continually climbing costs of electricity, your savings in the next 30 years could reach as high as $60,000. Moreover, with a typical power supplier, some 3-5% of the energy is nomally lost throughout the transportation and distribution times. A bigger distance between the production point to supply point means greater energy loss. Such losses may not seem important but they can impact the performance of the installation in areas where populations are high.

It can increase your home’s resale value.

If you have plans of selling your home eventually, solar technologies can dramatically raise its resale value. This is specially true in cities with large populations where authorities are vigorously advancing environmental causes. Based on research findings, a home’s resale value can increase by up to $20,000.

It requires minimal maintenance.

A a solar panel system installation is quite high. But the moment it’s up and running, you only have to harvest the benefits while doing very minimal maintenance. If you feel you need to add more panels because of your increasing energy needs, then that would be so much easier to do. In just a few years, you will be able to recover your initial costs for a power system that is noise-free and causes zero pollution.

Set up is easy.

Setting up solar panels easy for the most part, and there won’t even be wires or power sources needed. Unlike wind and geothermal power stations, which should be tied with drilling machines, solar panels do not require this and could be installed on roofs. That means there’s be a need for extra. Furthermore, installation can be distributed such that large scale installations will not be needed.

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